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Discover Ancient Scotland with a Bed and Breakfast Holiday

For the British break of a lifetime with stunning views from a luxury bed and breakfast, Scotland is the ultimate holiday destination.  Here at Cowans Farm Guest House, we’ve had hundreds of happy guests over the years, who have loved visiting the area – and the Stone Circle, among other ancient Scottish ruins, is a must for all holidaymakers.

The Stone Circle can be found between Cairnharrow Hill and Cambret Hill near Kirkcudbright. Surrounded by a field of heather, the Stone Circle stand prominent and proud, around 75 feet in diameter.

The eleven remaining stones still remain a mystery, and many people are drawn to this ancient ruin for its inconclusive history. Nobody is sure why they are there, but their mysterious existence remains to be a crowd pleaser.

Come and stay with us at Cowans Farm Guest House and discover ancient Scotland. Whether you want bed and breakfast accommodation or self catering accommodation, we can help – and keep checking in on our blog for more useful information about Scotland.


Bed and Breakfast Scotland – The Ultimate Fishing Hideaway

Here at Cowans Farm Guest House, we'd like to say a warm "hello" to all of our fishermen friends.  With so many beautiful lakes, rivers and lochs surrounding our bed and breakfast, we've seen quite a few fishing enthusiasts come in and out of many of our guests take advantage of our fishing days.

We've had many years of experience in organising the best fishing breaks around, so get in touch if you would like to discover a world of fishing in Scotland. Not only can offer a beautiful bed and breakfast with a stunning panoramic view, but we also have luxurious self catering accommodation too.

Our fishing breaks are ideal for beginners, fishing enthusiasts, and families. We can also help you organise golf breaks, mountain biking breaks, and bird-watching and wildlife breaks too. So whatever your passion, we will try out best to accommodate you.

For a stunning view in the best bed and breakfast Scotland has to offer, get in touch with us today.


Exciting Scottish Adventures

One of the best reasons to book a bed and breakfast Scotland is so you have a base from which you can head out on some exciting adventures, and Cowans Farm Guesthouse is in an ideal location for that. If you are a fan of active holidays rather than sitting around then you will find Scotland an ideal destination.

The list of activities that you can choose from is huge and there is everything from bird spotting to extreme sports. Here are a few ideas of exciting adventures you could get involved with once you have booked a bed and breakfast Scotland:

  • Hiking – the beautiful Scottish scenery makes this country a perfect place for hikes
  • Mountain biking – for a real adrenaline rush why not take or hire a mountain bike and get a bit muddy
  • Golfing – this sport allegedly originated in the highlands so what better place to play 18 holes
  • Fishing – for a relaxing afternoon in a gorgeous setting, fishing is a great activity
  • Wildlife watching – there is an abundance of wildlife in Scotland so get out there and have a look.


An Idyllic Bed and Breakfast Scotland

One of the greatest pulls of Scotland is the wonderful countryside and the beautiful scenery that sits just outside the bustling towns and cities. This is certainly one of the reasons that people visit us at Cowans Farm Guesthouse, where the nature surrounding us is one of our most prized attractions.

We are only eight miles outside Dumfries so are not utterly isolated, but we do exist in a beautiful rural area with a naturally sheltered landscape. This is the perfect place to commune with nature and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, such as a stunning view and a scenic walk.

Of course as we are only a few miles from Dumfries you have the option to head into town for a change if you so desire, but the nature around Cowans Farm Guesthouse is something that really should be embraced.  If you are looking for a bed and breakfast Scotland in a beautiful setting, you’ve found it.


Valentine’s Day: Book Your Bed and Breakfast Scotland

Bed and breakfast is not far away now. If you want to plan the perfect getaway just for the two of you, make sure you get booking with us soon.

For any visitor to our bed and breakfast Scotland has been an absolute delight for them to explore. Our guests have loved staying with us at Cowans Farm Guest House – not only because we offer friendly, family run accommodation – but because the views here are utterly astounding.

Valentine breaksSo if you are looking for the perfect way to say, "I love you" for Valentine’s Day 2011, get yourself booked in with the friendliest bed and breakfast Scotland has to offer – Cowans Farm Guest House in Dumfries. We can offer B&B accommodation, or self catering holidays too. Whether you want to see a friendly face each morning, or you want utter privacy for you and your Valentine, we can help.

We hope to see you for Valentine's Day!


Bed and Breakfast Scotland – See You in the New Year!

What a wonderful year it's been here at Cowans Farm Guest House. We've had some great visitors, and we've loved having you all.

For a passionate owner of a bed and breakfast Scotland has been a delight to show to you all - we're very proud of the idyllic rural beauty surrounding us here at Cowans Farm, and sharing it with you in 2010 has been an absolute honour. We love nothing more than helping our visitors explore the natural beauty of Dumfries, Galloway and other parts of this scenic country.

Many of our guests have described the views as "breath taking" and we hope for anyone who joins us in 2011, that you will agree. If you are planning on visiting Dumfries and Galloway in the new year, make sure you book with the friendliest bed and breakfast Scotland has to offer. Get in touch with us and make a booking today...


Beds, breakfasts and some great memories

If you’re planning a holiday north of the border and looking for a memorable bed and breakfast Scotland has better known and more popular areas than Dumfries and Galloway to the south west. But what do you really want from your holiday? Do you want to tick boxes and see the usual sites, paying high prices while jostling past all the other tourists?

Or do you an authentic and affordable taste of the real rural Scotland? Do you want, in the words of the old cliché, to get away from it all, to enjoy some real peace and quiet, fresh air and beautiful scenery?

If that is the kind of experience you have mind, then when it comes to bed and breakfast Scotland has nowhere better to offer than Dumfries and Galloway. Book your stay today and leave with some great memories that you will cherish for years.


A Welcome in the Wild

If Scotland is the head of Britain, then Dumfries and Galloway is the chin: a wild but welcoming promontory running from peaceful Dumfries all the way across to the salty fishing port of Stranraer. It is a land of tumbling green hills, silver streams, unfurling forests and huge skies. In other words, it offers everything that might tempt a visitor into Scotland: spectacular scenery, peace and quiet, fresh air and a warm welcome.

If you’re planning a visit and looking for a bed and breakfast Scotland is home to a few. But we like to think we offer everything a visitor to Dumfries and Galloway could possibly want: a friendly family atmosphere, amazing views; crisp and quality accommodation, and easy access to an enticing menu of outdoor pursuits in the local area, including golfing, mountain biking, birdwatching and fishing.

When it comes to bed and breakfast Scotland offers nowhere better for an affordable taste of this magnificent corner of the country!


Beginner or Pro, There’s Only One Place to Go

If you are travelling as a group or as a family, it can be difficult to find activities suited to the abilities of everyone taking part. Whether you are looking for a getaway featuring mountain biking breaks or looking for a lake to the whole family fishing, it helps to find excursions suited to every traveller.

Here at Cowans Farm Guest House, we know how important it is to keep the whole family happy. That is why we make it our business to know which trails are best for challenging the pros and which are suited to less experienced riders or children.

We want to ensure everyone can take part in the activities that Dumfries and Galloway have to offer. For fishing enthusiasts we have a small loch at the bottom of our garden which is perfect for beginners and a more challenging one on a neighbouring farm. Whatever your group or family needs, we have the know-how to make your trip enjoyable for all.

To find out more about the local activities in our area, browse the range of fishing, golf and mountain biking information on our website.


Get Fit and Have Fun at our Bed and Breakfast Scotland

Too many of us take a trip away and come back having over indulged in fatty foods and put on more weight than we wanted to. Short breaks are perfect for packing in activities that get the heart pumping and help improve our fitness level.

Here at Cowans Farm Guest House, we believe getting fit should be fun and that is why we cater to people wanting to partake in outdoor activities that are too enjoyable to feel like exercise. Our bed and breakfast Scotland, featuring mountain biking breaks, golfing activities, loch fishing and wildlife walks is the perfect excuse to get into shape in a picturesque environment.

There are a range of idyllic tracks, fairways and lochs located nearby to give you near-instant access to the outdoor activity that you wish to pursue. We think of everything at Cowans Farm Guest House, so that all you need to worry about is bringing your equipment. From giving advice on the trails most suited to your ability, to nutritious packed lunches and traditional Scottish dinners; you can get active effortlessly at our quaint bed and breakfast, Scotland.

To find out more about our outdoor activity breaks, browse the range of local activities on our website today.


Are you a dedicated twitcher? Book a Bed and Breakfast in Scotland!

Dumfries and Galloway is a place with huge appeal for bird watchers, with many twitchers taking dedicated breaks in Scottish B&Bs or opting for self catering accommodation to indulge their hobby. And now, it looks set that the allure of the region is only going to grow with the news that the RSPB has bought land for a Dumfries and Galloway nature reserve. The bird protection society received money from Scottish Natural Heritage to help them buy the coastal land that will be turned into a dedicated reserve – perfect for bird watchers!

The land consists of 370 acres at the Crook of Baldoon in Dumfries and Galloway – it’s a place that’s destined to become a haven for wildlife and is already a crucial site for tens of thousands of wintering wildfowl and wading birds. The area is used as a stop off point for thousands of birds on their migration routes. For twitchers the area already boasts a fantastic opportunity to spot peregrine falcons, whooper swans and golden plovers.


Bed and Breakfast, Scotland – The Perfect Walking Holiday

Walking is one of the answers to most of the big questions in life. How can I get healthy? How do I lose weight? How can I reduce stress levels? Lift my mood? Be inspired? Walking is how. And Dumfries and Galloway is the natural choice for a walking holiday. The news that obesity expert Professor Tony Leeds has told the BBC that Britain is a ticking time bomb with nearly a million people now thought to be eligible for obesity surgery. Obesity is estimated to cost the UK trillions when it comes to healthcare and surgery. Prevention as the cliché goes is always better than a cure. So make sure you take the time to schedule a walking holiday to fit into your annual leave! Be inspired, book a bed and breakfast in Scotland and explore somewhere new.

The region offers the best when it comes to walking holidays – acres of open sky, rugged coastlines and beautiful beaches, rolling hills, scenic lochs and magical forests…For the dedicated walker, embrace Scotland’s mot challenging walking route – the Southern Upland Way – it starts in Dumfries and Galloway and stretches 212 miles to Cockburnspath and experience some of the most beautiful landscapes in Scotland.


Love Cycling? Find the Perfect Bed and Breakfast, Scotland

If you are a keen cyclist, why not cycle amongst the beautiful views of Dumfries and Galloway? For a great bed and breakfast (Scotland) come and stay in one of wonderful guest houses, and cycle to your heart’s content!

We often cater for large groups, couples, and families with children. So we know how important road safety is when it comes to walking and cycling activities. Make sure that you apply safety rules every time you set off for your cycling trip.

Dumfries and Galloway is the perfect destination for you and your bicycle. Whether you’re experienced and competitive, or you’re taking your kids out on their bikes for the very first time, this area of Scotland is perfect for cyclists. Famed for stunning landscapes and a gorgeous coastline, the views will be blindingly beautiful as you ride. This is great way to build up your appetite before returning to our wonderful bed and breakfast!

Scotland is the only place with a museum dedicated to the history of cycling – so make sure you visit Drumlanrig Castle!

If you’re interested in finding a lovely family-run bed and breakfast (Scotland), get in touch with us today.


Scotland – The Golfers Paradise

We know (and we’ve witnessed), as owners of a fine Scottish bed and breakfast, Scotland receive its fair share of golf mad tourists. Every summer, they come in their clusters, dragging wives, girlfriends and offspring with them…

It’s a mighty good job that Scotland is such a beautiful place to be, with such a wide variety of activities and attractions. We are based very close to Dumfries and Galloway – a holiday destination for sportsmen, outdoor enthusiasts, historians, foodies, wine connoisseurs, children, families, artistic minds and more! And for the golfer, we can definitely assert that if you stay at our bed and breakfast, Scotland is going to be your golfing oyster!

Golfers – you will love:

  • The various different golf courses close to our bed and breakfast - Scotland has utterly breathtaking views to make your experience even more amazing. Not only will golfers love the scenery, but so will the wives, girlfriends and offspring! A treat for all!
  • The great golf offers – you can get your hands on golf passes which will entitle you to better value for your money.
  • The after golf dining/drinking venues – if you want to wine, dine and wind down after a whole day of golfing, you will love the food and drink in Dumfries and Galloway.

Love the sound of this? Get in touch with us today and we can put you in a quality bed and breakfast. Scotland is a golfing heaven – so come and experience it now!